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Educating students about the benefits of adolescent vaccination can help prevent the spread of serious and potentially deadly diseases. The Protect Me With 3+ contest is a great tool for raising student and parent awareness about the importance of adolescent vaccination and increasing vaccination rates for several vital vaccines including: Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (Tdap), human papillomavirus (HPV), meningococcal conjugate, and the flu.

Incorporating the Protect Me With 3+ contest into your curriculum provides students with a fun and creative way to learn more about the vaccinations they need to stay healthy while helping them develop important team building skills. Students have the opportunity to create either a poster or 30-second video individually or in groups.

Prizes will be awarded to top entries and all finalists will be formally acknowledged at an awards ceremony. Winners’ posters and videos will also be displayed at health events statewide. Students who submit by the early bird deadline will also be entered into a separate drawing to win even more prizes!

As an added incentive for teacher participation, classrooms with the highest number of eligible entries will also be rewarded! Make sure to use the teacher checklist below to ensure that your students’ entries meet all criteria.

Tools for Schools

We have created informational flyers that you can distribute to students, parents, and other teachers to help promote the contest:

  • If you are a middle school teacher (grades 5-8), please use this flyer.
  • If you are a high school teacher (grades 9-12), please use this flyer.
  • If you teach both middle school and high school, please use this flyer.

If your students are submitting entries as a class project, you can use these teacher checklists to make sure their entries meet all contest requirements:

See more information on submitting posters and videos here. View winning entries from last year here.

Classroom Activity Ideas

Vaccination-Themed Games:

  1. Word Search – PMW3 Answer Key
  2. Crossword –PMW3 Answer Key
  3. Match Game – PMW3 Answer Key
  4. Bingo BoardsPMW3 Bingo Clues and PMW3 Bingo Print Out Cards
  5. Adolescent Immunization Trivia – PowerPoint
  6. Tools for Teachers – Developed by My Best Shot*
  7. Outbreak Simulation – Developed by NRICH*

Sample Lesson Plans and Discussion Topics:

  1. Lesson Plans and Discussion Topics for the theme “Common Vaccinations”- Developed by Discovery Education, designed for grades 6-8*
  2. Herd Immunity – Developed by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Additional Resources, Videos & Animations:

  1. How Vaccines Work – Developed by the History of Vaccines*
  2. Types of Vaccines – Developed by the History of Vaccines*
  3. Herd Immunity – Developed by the History of Vaccines*
  4. How Vaccines are Made – Developed by the History of Vaccines*
  5. Epidemiology Game – Developed by the History of Vaccines*
  6. History of the Immunization Schedule – Developed by the History of Vaccines*
  7. How do Vaccines Work? – Developed by Ted-Ed*

If you would like to request a professionally printed poster, postcard or tent card featuring artwork from last year’s contest, please reach out to us at:

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